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Medical day in Khmilnyk Trade Union sanatorium

Jun 16, 2019

Forty doctors of various specialties with an arsenal of health workers work daily for your healing, providing 98% efficiency.
Doctors and nurses - this is the very framework that keeps the whole program of yours, dear vacationers, treatment at our sanatorium. Not just radon water, in which it would be possible to buy itself up to irradiation, or at all without any effect. Doctors - based on natural mineral radon waters, masterfully and professionally, using their university knowledge and invaluable experience - make you healthy, active, and dozens of years younger!
From history: medicine originated, was organized and used as a practical science (with knowledge of hygiene, therapy and surgery) - in ancient China. From there, medical knowledge passed to Japan, Tibet and Ancient Greece. Medical science for a long time was divided into two currents: some scientists distinguished local pathology and were engaged in the treatment of this pathology; others argued that any local disease is a disorder of the life of the whole organism and, as a consequence, a disease of a particular organ. Hippocrates, being a native of the school of complex perception of the organism as a single living system, was able to unite the two currents, and became the "father" of modern medicine.
Sanatorium-and-spa treatment in Khmilnyk Trade Union sanatorium follows the direction of Hippocrates's science: by treating specific local diseases, we use a comprehensive approach and heal the whole organism as a single system.
Healthy nutrition, healing air, radon water, modern diagnostic and treatment methods, and the best doctors of the Khmilnyk resort are all the best for our well-being guests!

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