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How to take radon baths?

Apr 14, 2019

In the bathroom you need to be in a comfortable position. Depending on the doctor's prescription, the bath can be general, sit-down or half-bath, also a local bath - for arms or legs. With a common bath, the vacationer sinks so that the chest is above the water, the head rests against the side of the bath, and the legs against the wall of the bath.

It is recommended to do smooth movements under water for 2-3 minutes while staying in the bath without disturbing the surface of the water - because it contains organic substances in the form of an oil film, it retains radon and other gas fractions in water from their rapid weathering. This is followed by 2-3 minute breaks and repeated movements with his arms and legs. You should think about a pleasant, positive attitude is very important for successful and effective balneotherapy.

At the end of the bath, you should dry the body with a towel, not wiping to keep a radioactive deposit on the skin, which will affect about two hours after the end of bathing. After the procedure - mandatory rest.

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