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Salo festival at the Trade Union Health Resort Khmilnyk - is hospitable, delicious and fun!

Aug 24, 2019

Salo festival at the Trade Union Health Resort Khmilnyk - is hospitable, delicious, fun! 
On August 23, the traditional Salo (lard) Fest for the resort was held at the Khmilnyk Trade Union sanatorium. The bright costume show was arranged for visitors - holidaymakers and guests of the festival - employees of our sanatorium. Everyone was treated to a Ukrainian warm drink and a variety of salo canapes - all in the tradition of Ukrainian cuisine and hospitality.
With songs and poems, in bright embroideries and with sincere Ukrainian warmth, the Khmilnyk sanatorium staff, together with the holidaymakers, tasted and had fun. Not only healing but also bright rest and positive emotions are required for a complete rest and recovery!
As part of the festival, a competition was held between the branches - for the most delicious salo (lard). The jury was headed by the director of the sanatorium Alexander Galachenko - he personally assessed the efforts of the staff and tasted lard from each table. All participants of the competition received thanks and awards.
Happy Holidays!

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