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Dry spine traction

May 24, 2019

The most effective and pathogenetically justified method for treating patients with osteochondrosis of the spinal column and intervertebral hernia in the trade union sanatorium "Khmilnyk".

is spinal traction - traction. With contraindications to underwater stretching, treatment is carried out using the “dry” stretching of the spine. The procedure is carried out on a table in a horizontal position, lying on your back.

Under the patient's lower leg enclose a roller or stand. In such a position of the patient's body, the lumbar muscles do not create pressure on the intervertebral spinal discs in the lumbar spine.

Traction is an effective method of treatment that contributes to the disappearance of pain, improvement or approximation to the normal dynamics of the spine, the restoration of tendon reflexes, the normalization of pain sensitivity.

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