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Trade Union sanatorium Khmilnyk


Proven efficiency of recovery 98%

Price from 1250 UAH

Clinics, included in the cost of the permit.

May 15, 2019


• a room for neurofunctional diagnostics;

• room thermography;

• Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory;

• a cabinet of cardiopulmonary diagnostics.


• massage room;

• cabinet of inhalations;

• magnetotherapy room;

• room of electroanalyzetics;

• microwave therapy room;

• amplipulse therapy room;

• a cabinet for ultrasound therapy;

• a cabinet of medicinal electrophoresis;

• a cabinet of laser therapy (scanning laser);

room for intravenous laser irradiation of blood;

• a cabinet of high-tech therapy;

• room of electro-mud applications;

• information and wave therapy room;

• room for electric vacuum massage;

• a cabinet of psychotherapy;

• ophthalmic cabinet;

• cabin for dry stretching of the spine;

• a cabin of a sparing extentive vibrator;

• a room for mechanotherapy;

• a cabin of physical education;

• dental office;

• a cabinet of hydrotherapy (fresh water);

• a cabinet for vortex baths for the lower and upper extremities;

a room of 4-chamber baths;

• room for dental irrigation;

• gynecological room;

• procedural office;

• office ozokerafinovyh applications;

• a cabinet of hydrotherapy (radon water);

• aerosolarium.

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