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Medical nutrition

Apr 19, 2019

An important factor in the complex treatment in the Trade-union sanatorium "Khmilnyk" is the medical nutrition. With the appropriate diet, the effectiveness of the healing methods is greatly improved. The purpose of medical nutrition at the resort is the restoration of impaired functions of the body, in particular appetite, mobilization of compensatory mechanisms of the body to fight diseases.

Nutrition is a complex process of getting into the body of substances needed to cover current energy expenditure, build and restore body tissues and regulate body functions. That is why the doctor-dietitian of the sanatorium "Khmilnyk" developed the most health-improving and effective types of diet tables (only 15 species) in accordance with the main disease and patient's condition.

In our sanatorium the food is 4 times, according to the system of preliminary ordering.


Breakfast: 8.30-9.30

Lunch: 13.30-14.30

Second lunch: 16.30-17.00

Dinner: 18.30-19.30


Have a nice appetite and be healthy!

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