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Osteochondrosis, protrusions and intervertebral hernias are indications for spine extension at the Trade Union Sanatorium Khmilnyk.

Aug 31, 2019

The Tourist Information Center of the Trade Union Sanatorium Khmilnyk continues the conversation with the General Surgery Doctor, the Doctor of Verbatology and Ultrasound Doppler - Yuriy Kelemen.
- What are the indications for stretching the spine?
For stretching of the cervical spine: pain in the spine, pain in the shoulders or arms, patience or muscle weakness in the hands, headache, heaviness in the occipital region. When stretching, compression is removed on the root and vertebral arteries, thereby improving blood flow to the head.
With regard to the thoracic section: there is often a so-called pseudo-cardiac syndrome - a compressive pain in the heart area.
Patients are examined, consulted by a cardiologist, and there are no problems; but essentially a problem in the thoracic spine. The root squeezes, and the pain simply gives to the heart area, the patient feels that it is not the spine itself that hurts, but clearly in the heart area. During stretching of the spine, decompression of the spinal cord is squeezed, and the problem disappears.
For the lumbar tract: pain in the lumbar region, in the buttocks, pain in the lower extremities, often pain in the groin - this is also characteristic of problems with the lumbar, also with disorders of the urinary system, impaired function of the pelvic organs - this indicates that which is also a problem in the waist. This is an indication for stretching the spine.
- That is, in what diseases is a stretching spine assigned? 
Not only hernias are indications, but banal osteochondrosis. The most minor changes that occur in the spine are osteochondrosis: over time, the fluid in the intervertebral discs is lost and they settle, the distance between the vertebrae decreases automatically and there is already compression - pressure - on the root, which causes pain. What are the roots? From the spinal cord to the right and left between each vertebra depart nerve roots that nerve a particular area. That is, if at some level the vertebrae beg, there the nerve clamps.
If there is pressure on the root, which is already clamped, besides, the blood flow suffers, as a result, it also swells. There is pain and sensitivity disorders. For this purpose stretching is intended to remove this symptomatology.
- Let us emphasize again: what is the difference between protrusions and hernias?
Protrusions are the protrusion of the disc without compromising the integrity of the fibrous ring. That is, the intervertebral disc is a fibrous ring - and it is sealed, inside as a jelly, and at the center of a pulpous nucleus. If there is a bulging of the wall of the fibrous ring sideways - it is protrusion, without violations of integrity. If there is a violation of integrity, and the contents of the disk has already gone beyond - it is a hernia, a hernia of the intervertebral disk.
At protrusion there is a protrusion circular, that is, roughly speaking, it was crushed and it came out in different directions. And it happens when it clearly goes to the side. That's when the protrusion protrusion lateral - then 100% clamped the root, and pain. Hernia is already more complicated bulging of the disk, and accordingly more problems, and not so easily treated. It is easier to assist with protrusion than with the disc. In any case, the treatment of spine diseases at the Trade Union Sanatorium Khmilnyk  is very effective and with a lasting result.

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