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Contraindications to underwater spine stretching and dry traction in the Khmilnyk Trade Union sanatorium/

Oct 18, 2019

Contraindications to underwater spine stretching and dry traction - says the doctor of the Trade union health resort "Khmilnyk", a specialist with 23 years of practice, a doctor of general surgery, a doctor of vertebrology and ultrasound Doppler ultrasound - Yuriy Kelemen.
There are general contraindications to radon and contraindications to the spine.
First about the general:
1. Regarding the heart: hypertensive crises, hypotension (patient may collapse: fever, vessels dilate, and there may be loss of consciousness), cardiac arrhythmias (if there is arrhythmia, frequent or permanent).
2. Thyroid: nodal or diffuse goiter, or hormonal disorders - then we do not prescribe, because radon is, like, radiation, and it causes thyroid problems.
3. Myocardial infarctions. It is a contraindication to life.
4. If there was a history of oncology, even if in the early stages, if the patient has been operated on for many years, it is still impossible.
5. Lipomatosis - benign formations, fats all over the body. Radon can provoke their growth and the appearance of new formations.
6. Disorders of cerebral blood flow. If you had a history of strokes, no matter whether you are hemorrhagic or ischemic, because you can trigger a new stroke - relapse.
7. If there was tuberculosis or specific infectious diseases affecting bone tissue: tuberculous spondylitis, inflammatory processes of the vertebrae themselves - no extraction is prescribed.
8. Age qualification. We try not to prescribe radon for up to 18 years. To 63 years, if there are no contraindications from the spine, then designate the ski lift. 63-70 years is a relative contraindication, we are already looking at the patient's condition. Radonotherapy is no longer prescribed for over 70 years.
9. Cholelithiasis (if there are gallstones) and renal colic, that is, stones. The fact is that the submarine can provoke displacement of the stones from the place, and if it was stable form, it can go into the active form.
That is, if the stone has moved, it covers the exit of either the ureter or the biliary tract. We can automatically provoke the patient to surgical treatment. Stone sickness is a contraindication to stretching.
10. Osteoporosis - deficiency of calcium in bone tissue. If the patient has osteopenia, that is, predisposition or the initial phenomena of osteoporosis - then it can be prescribed, it is a relative contraindication. Of course, based on the patient's condition and what the problems are over the spine. If diffuse osteoporosis - that is, a lack of calcium - at all throughout the bone tissue, then the extract is not prescribed.
11. Spike disease after surgery in the abdominal cavity - with this disease, stretching is not prescribed. In the case of a traction, if there is damage to any adhesions, internal abdominal bleeding can be provoked.
Contraindications from the spine:
 1. If there is stenosis of the spinal canal, that is, narrowing of the canal - in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar - is a relative contraindication, so we look at the condition of the patient: if it is of low weight, it can be prescribed. If large, that is, absolute canal stenosis - contraindication is contraindicated.
2. Herniated disks. If a hernia - that is, a hernia - is a disc sequestered, that is, the ability to disintegrate the hernia itself, or hernia is ossified, this is when calcium is stored in it and it is already rough in structure - it is a contraindication. If an intra-phoraminal hernia that causes impaired innervation, the paresis, arms or legs, is already an irreversible phenomenon and is a contraindication. If the hernia with impaired function of the pelvic organs, that is, it is already a gross pathology, it is a contraindication. If the hernia is large and migrates, it means that the bulge of the disk is bundled and it drops down or (in rare cases) rises to the top - this is also a contraindication.
3. At large sizes of a hemangioma. Hemangioma is a benign formation: in the body of the vertebra, a cavity is formed, which is filled with vessels - capillaries. This is a benign neoplasm, but since it is in the body of the vertebra, the additional load cannot be given. If the small size of the hemangioma - still appoint; but if the hemangioma is large or several small - hemangiomatosis is a contraindication to stretching.
4. If there were a history of spinal injuries, fractures, that is, it has grown, but the deformation remains for life - in such cases, too, it is impossible to pull.
5. If in the anamnesis surgery on the spine is carried out - within three years after surgery, we do not pull our back. Later - please, but again, based on what the survey data will be.
6. There are still congenital pathologies on the spine, the so-called spina bifida. This is not an overgrown brace of a vertebra, then the spine is not assigned.
7. In people with heavy physical labor, or in athletes, there is often a so-called instability, displacement of the vertebrae relative to each other. They make the yellow ligaments relaxed, stretched, and unable to hold the vertebrae in place.
The patient performs a CT scan or MRI, and he has a listosis - that is, displacement of the vertebrae relative to each other. There are times when the spine is like a flight of stairs. It is a ladder-like listosis, and in such cases the stretching is not prescribed, because the ligament is already overstretched, if we now begin to pull, then we will put the vertebrae in place, but the ligament will stretch even more, and in the future there will be more displacement of the vertebrae. This is also a contraindication.
Often patients come, do not consult with doctors, and have contraindications that are already in place. People do not have information. Therefore, we advise you all: consult with your family doctor or neurologist before arrival to determine if there are any contraindications. Not even specifically about the spine, but common. The focus of treatment on us is on radon, so people who come with contraindications to radon - they are assigned only dry stretches.
Be healthy!

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