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Contraindications to treatment at the Khmilnyk Trade Union Sanatorium

Apr 10, 2019

General contraindications to treatment at the Khmilnyk Trade Union Sanatorium

1. All acute diseases, as well as chronic diseases in the stage of active exacerbation (including with purulent processes).

2. Acute diseases, viral and bacterial.

3. Infectious diseases of the sexual sphere.

4. Mental disorders. Different forms of addiction - drug or alcohol. Epileptic syndrome.

5. All hematological diseases.

6. Kakhesia.

7. Oncological diseases.

8. Various diseases that require inpatient treatment or surgery.

9. Conditions in which patients are not capable of self-care and need constant care or care.

10. Echinococcus.

11. Bleeding.

12. Pregnancy on all terms.

13. Tuberculosis in active and inactive form.

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