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Underwater spine stretching and dry traction. Interview with Mr. Kelemen.

Aug 26, 2019

In order to cover all the issues related to the spine stretching: indications, contraindications and the essence of the technique, we interviewed Yuriy Kelemen, a doctor at the Khmilnyk Sanatorium, a specialist with 23 years of practice, a doctor of general surgery, a doctor vertebrology and ultrasound Doppler ultrasound.

- Yuriy Yurievich, what is a stretching of the spine and why do it?
The stretching of the spine is intended to relieve the compression, that is, the pressure, on the spinal roots extending between the vertebrae. By stretching the distance between the vertebrae increases, the pressure on the spinal root - right or left - that was previously clamped is automatically relieved. Plus, against the backbone of the spine, the pressure in the intervertebral disc itself decreases. The protrusion of the disc - protrusions, hernias - diminishes in size, and compression at the spinal roots is removed. Taken together, this causes the intensity of pain to decrease and the spinal canal widens by reducing the bulging of the discs.
- How exactly is the traction going?
Underwater spine lifting is performed in the pool for cervical-thoracic stretching or for lumbar stretching. These are two separate pools.
The very technique of underwater stretching of the cervical spine in the radon pool is as follows: there is a special crossbar to which a person is attached. A special Glisson hinge is attached to the crossbar, by which the neck and chin are fixed; and the patient, like a float, hangs in a radon pool. Pulling is under its own weight, no extra load is used.
When stretching the waist is another design: the patient lies on the platform, it is fixed in the thoracic section, that is, the fixation is to the platform, the second belt is attached to the waist, to which additional weight is attached, and each time the weight is increased by 2 kg. The platform is lowered into the pool with radon water, extraction takes 15 minutes. (and when stretching the cervical and thoracic and lumbar). Patient's task: to relax as much muscle as possible, to do no movement. After passing 15 min. stretching, the patient is taken out.
After stretching the lumbar there are two rules: the patient does not sit for two hours and should be in the belt for 4 to 5 hours. When stretching the cervical spine, the patient puts on a collar that secures the cervical section; the collar should be worn for 1 to 2 hours.
What to bring: swimsuit, towel, neck collar. When stretching the waist: swimsuit, towel, belt for fixing the waist.
- Yuriy, what is the difference between dry stretching and underwater?
Dry stretching of the spine in the neck is either in a supine position or at an angle. The patient simply lies, the fixation goes with the same loop Glisson, the traction is mechanical.
In underwater stretching: the water temperature is 36-37 degrees, the muscles are relaxed; Plus the combined effect, as the extraction occurs in the pool, and there is contact with radon.
- There are patients who are afraid of dry stretching. How much is justified?
Not justified at all. Dry stretching is just a little harder to bear. Water has the ability to eject, that is, it is easier for people to carry physical activity, we can load the person more extra weight when stretching the waist. In dry stretching, the muscles are not relaxed because the patient is not in the water. You are removing muscle resistance and doing better stretching, more efficient. Therefore, it is obligatory for 20 minutes before the traction we do the massage, the muscles are more relaxed and the stretching will be better.
We do massage when dry stretching in the same way, there is even more necessary. Physically, patients simply note that a dry spine extension is more painfully tolerated. The muscles are not so relaxed and patients feel more discomfort. Underwater pulling is easier to carry.

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